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Empowering Local Women

Women from marginalised communities and from refugee background found integrating with the rest of the other women challenging.

This was as a result of language, lack of confidence, traumatic experience and lack of local opportunities Young women in Fulham Road will be supported to access to gender specific recreational activities and organise employability and skills seminars, work specifically on their health and wellbeing through facilitating access to appropriate mainstream services and integrate with the widely.


The primarily aim of the project is to bring significant changes in the lives of those children who are disadvantaged due to their circumstances.

The after school support will make a significant change in the way they approach education, provide confidence to interact with mainstream services and have a realistic dream for their future. The mentoring program incorporated within the project will help those who are most vulnerable to receive a focused support for their current life.

Housing Support

HAYA identified there are huge gap in house, there are young people and families who are homeless and place to sleep.

We identified there are lot of parents and young people who live in overcrowded houses, with family and friends, in hostels and some who are homeless and have no place to live.Project supports young homeless people and families to access information, to gain skills and get supported with housing application forms.

Young people Workshop to discuss local housing issues and other areas.

Annual Sports Tournament

HAYA has being running sports activities for young people for the past 11 years, we believe young people need to be engaged with sports activities to improve their health, skills and also to stay from crime and drugs.

For the past 6 years sports main tournament is held every year for young people to enjoy the summner, more than 300 young people participate this tournament from all over uk. This tournament brings excitements to many young people.If you want join or need to know more about this please do contact us.

Your Diversity

Kick your difference... Enjoy the Diversity" is an idea came from young people.

Their idea was to use sports and learning as a common tool to integrate with the rest of the society. This project is focused on Townfield- Young Minority ethnic communities would primarily benefit. Upon consultation, Young people from marginalised communities and from refugee background found integrating with the rest of the youths challenging.

This was as a result of language, lack of confidence, traumatic experience and lack of local opportunities. Young people, whom we consulted, suggested that having a combination of sports and learning programmes that are common to everyone would facilitate an opportunity to mingle with other indigenous young people and vice versa -- which would lead to improved community relationship and friendship -- particularly among their


Horn of Africa Youth Association (HAYA) established in 2001 and is one of the leading organization providing services through advice, opportunities for positive engagement through recreational activities and providing employment and training opportunities in for young people

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HAYA is dedicated to breaking down isolation and combating alienation and despair amongst young people and their families by supporting opportunities for their development.


We aim to create an environment of friendship and belonging where young people can gain strength and power, collectively and as individuals, through creative learning.

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